Dog cat pet Elizabethan recovery collar

Secure Pet Elizabethan collars-Attachable Recovery cone collars

Green clear Dog Elizabethan collars (e-collars; buster collars) from e-CollarsDirect are flexible and adjustable, have three or four security strips for easy attachment to existing dog/cat collars. Therefore, it moves with the Pet and cannot be easily removed by dogs or cats who are natural escape artists. To increase scratch resistance and durability, we use thick polyproylene sheets with embossed diagonal lines. The larger size e-collars are heavier and sturdier which can withstand scratch from a large dog. In addition, they are completely eco-friendly and recyclable (number 5 plastic; PP), referred to as " Green cones". The features of our Dog Elizabethan collars/e-collars include:

  • Clear for vision
  • Durable, flexible, lightweight and effective
  • Recyclable plastic material-polypropylene
  • Easy attachment and secured by 3 or 4 double crossing strips 
  • Attach to the regular collar
  • Scratch-resistant embossed lines
  • 7  different sizes of e-collars (7.5cm to 30 cm) and 2 or 3 adjustments on each cone for maximum comfort 

Each collar has two neck sizes (7.5cm-12.5cm), or three neck sizes (15-30cm). Also each collar has three (smaller than 12 cm) or four (larger than 12 cm) security strips for easy and secure attachment to existing dog collars.  In contrast to fabric Elizabethan or opaque plastic recovery collars, this clear plastic allows pets to maintain peripheral vision and is rigid enough to effectively prevent  licking or scratching aggressivelyCompared to other plastic cone collars without attachment strips, our collars stay firmly attached.  The attachment strips are very tight by design to prevent escaping. The label " e-collarsdirect" is used to orientate the collar when folding; label facing out.  Stressed PP plastic can turn white after bending.

Special veterinary supply boxes are available to Veterinarians and veterinary clinics. Each veterinary supply box contains 12 e-collars at the same size, or a variety (V) Box is comprised of 14 e-collars  at 7-different sizes (2 e-collars for each size).

sizecone Height (in)cone Height (cm)Neck hole circumference (in)Neck hole circumference (in)collar number/ box
XXS3  in7.5 cm9-11 in22-28 cm12
XS3.9  in10 cm9-11 in22-28 cm12
S4.9 in12.5 cm10-13 in25-33 cm12
M5.9 in15 cm13-16 in33-41 cm12
L7.9 in20 cm15-18 in37-46 cm12
XL9.8 in25 cm17-20 in43-52 cm12
XXL11.8 in30 cm19-23 in47-58 cm12

In addition to " Green Cones", we also create "Green paper" made from stone dust to reduce consumption of trees and water which are used to make regular paper. We proudly produce green products.
A reliable source of Vet supply, pet supply for Pet Elizabethan collars/ Recovery cones.
Individual green cone e-collar is also available (for sale) to regular consumers.